WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday.  This project is coming together so fast.  So far I just have the purple and red blended and I was having a hard time deciding if I was going to arrange the colors.  So I did a quick mock up with just the balls to see what colors I needed more of, and how to get the best flow from each color.  This was a great and simple trick to getting an idea of how I wanted it to look without making all my hexagons at once.  I am loving the colors together and can't wait to see it all finished.  Funny thing when my Mom said she sent brown I didn't think I would use it at all.  But as I was going from purple to red it didn't look right without it!  Mom's are never wrong, I don't know why I haven't accepted that yet.

What are you making your Mom for Mothers Day?

Leaving you with my rainbow I saw Tuesday morning.  I was taking the dog out for a quick walk while there was a short break in the rain.  :)  The air was so fresh and it was a beautiful morning.  I got this shot and within minuets the rain was back and the rainbows were gone.  Glad I caught a glimpse of it I love rainbows!!

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