Summer Vacation

Back in action after a little summer vacation.  It was so fun to see my family and spend some time with all my nieces and nephews.  It's good to be home and get back to my usual routine 

Picked up some yarn this weekend and got some work in on the granny heart I made last week.  I am making a more girly version than the last granny blanket.  Then I have to get started on another geometric lace blanket.  I am excited to make another.

OK I promise I really am taking a break.  But just wanted to leave you with my granny blanket.  I really played around with this one a lot.  I had so many ideas of what I wanted to do with it and in the end just a simple edging on the granny looked best.  I love how it ended up!  I think that light blue is my new favorite color to work with.  Blue is the new white.  Hope you all have a great week.

Small break for summer

I will be taking a break from the blog for a week.  So today you are getting a double post.  It's been a beautiful sunny morning so Mr T and I spent some play time in the yard.  He picked me all the dandelions he could find.  Each one was sniffed and delivered with a kiss.  Melts my heart!!

Colorful Hearts

Hmmmm.... I think my idea isn't working like I thought it would.   I still love both heart patterns though.  I will definitely use them again on another project.  

Scrappy Happy Granny

 My WIP's this week are simple.  Just a few Flower headbands and a granny square.  For the granny square I am using a smaller hook so the gaps aren't too big.  No color planned just using whatever color I feel like on each row, or whatever color Mr T picks out.  I love how much each row changes the feel of the square.  Let's watch it grow. 

Mod Baby Boy

It's so funny how much excitement I get out of each new project.  I am really proud of myself for trying something new and actually making on my "daydreamer" list.  I would definitely make it again.  

Modern Baby Blanket

 Took my crosses project with me today and snuck in a little work and finished the border.  When I was working on the Geometric Lace #3, someone had mentioned adding a boarder that changes color with each block.  When trying to decide what I should do with this blanket, I thought I would experiment with that idea a little.  I am happy with the little added touch that it adds.

Now to grab the weaving needle and hide all the ends.

Boogie Blanket Monster

It makes me feel so good that he likes his blanket.  And make me laugh so hard that he sleeps with his head covered.  Silly little monster!

Colorful Mod Crosses


My colorful mod cross blanket is just about the right size!  Just a few more rows and a little assistance from my little helper and it will be ready for a little boarder.  I love how fast it is growing, I don't think I will ever do a blanket again without joining as I go.  It keeps me interested in the project and is so much faster!!  I love the orange blue and green color palate.  It will be perfect for a little boy!! I was inspired by this image on pinterest.  I love love love the pattern, a little strategic color placement that works with and square pattern. 
Granny squares transformed into mod crosses!!

WIP Wednesday

Playing around with something new.  Lets see how it turns out.  I really should be working on the bulls eye blanket..... but I can always multi task.  Right?
Free pattern: Bullseye Afghan by Brittany Tyler
On another note my avocado seed has sprouted and getting really big! 
This is my first successful sprout after many failed attempts!

Weekend Distractions

I was trying to get organized, but I got distracted instead.  Isn't that how it always goes?

 I forgot how many little goodies I had stashed away!  It was fun to re-discover them, and put them to some use for someone else to enjoy.  I even wore a pair of the button hoops for a bit.  But my ears were so tender.  I have not had earrings in for YEARS  I pretty much had to re pierce them to get it in my ears!!  But it was worth it.  And I am now determined to start wearing earring again.

 After all that mess was cleaned up I added a border to my sons blanket.  I ended up just adding a simple blue border, and not adding any more rows of blocks at all.  He loves it, I love it!  It's a win win.  I can always add to it as he grows.  

I am starting my Monday making up a new batch of the flower headbands.  I love these little flowers!!  They are so sweet and happy!  I think it will be a good day.  Happy Monday~