Scrappy Mini Purse Tutorial

Hello!  I am in love with this scrap stash busting project.  If you are anything like me and can't throw even the smallest yarn remnants away here is a fun day project for you.
Or a single new skein to make a solid bag.  

Here we go.  I used a 4mm G-4 hook to keep it nice and tight.  I don't plan to add a liner.

Make a 7" swatch 
Chain 26, skip first 2 stitches and Hdc in each stitch till the end.  Make 19 Hdc rows

SC on three sides of the swatch.  Repeat for 5 rows. Leave enough tail to whip stitch the other panel in place.

Now you have a bag.  I like to start right at the whip stitch seam with the next step.

Single crochet 2 rows in the top of your bag to make a nice edge.

Start your handle.  5 SC back and forth and make it as long as you like.  Crochet handles tend to stretch so keep that in mind as you go. 

Fasten off when you get it to the desired length and whip stitch it in place.

For the flap I went back to Hdc, two stitches over from the handle start your first row.
Make 4 rows, then start to decrease once stitch on the next 4 rows.  Then decrease 2 stitches on the next two rows, in the middle of row 6 make your button hole. (chain 3 skip 2 stitches)

SC one more row decreasing 2 stitches.  (SC into the space for the button hole, not the stitches)

Now make the finish off the edging for the flap with 3 rows.  Row 1: SC around the edge.  1 sc in evenly spaced along the edge, when you come to then corner 2 SC in one stitch.

Row 2: SC in each stitch with 2 sets of clusters in the corner.

Row 3: SC 3 stitches, chain 3, slip stitch into the post of the last SC (picot) , SC 4 stitches, make your picot and repeat till the end.  Finish off, weave and trim all ends.

Pick out a delicious button to finish off your work and take your new purse for a night on the town!

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