Bobble Top Knot Hat

Well that was fun!  I wrote up a couple new patterns!! I love them both.  They are my take on the bun / ponytail hat.  Keeps you warm and your hair up :)  
Pattern is found at in my Ravelry shop.

Still Hooking

I'm still here, still hooking and raising my little ones.  I just finished this little babe.  I love monochromatic blankets!!  It was a toddler blanket custom order for a little guys xmas present.  I love to see my customers enjoy my creations.  I used the "colorful cubes" pattern and used 5 colors (White, Silver, Grey, Charcoal and Black), joined as I went along and crab stitch edging.    It was quick and I kinda want to start another for myself.

We have had quite a few BIG changes in our life.  We moved from sunny So Cal to the great state of Idaho.  Idaho is dear to our hearts cause it is where we started our love story.  It is wonderful to be back.  The kids are loving it and more than ready for a white Christmas.  I am enjoying the cold weather too and hooking up hat after hat and a blanket here and there.

Yesterday we headed up to the mountains to find our tree.  It was something I always did as a kid, but have not done in years. The kids loved starting a new holiday tradition with my family.  And they didn't mind the coco and doughnuts after either.

On the hook

 Working on quite a few fun things, enjoying extremely warm winter days, and  watching my little ones grow and grow.  Things are good.