C.A.L Fun

Not that I need a new project but I am starting a CAL with CraftyGoodnessCrochet and BabyLoveBrand.  I have always admired everything the Purl Bee designed and have looked at this blanket a lot.  But I guess I needed a little nudge to just start it.  This CAL (crochet a long) was nudge enough for me.  I will make the revised version instead of the circle in square that the pattern calls for.  Here we go!! 


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    1. SO DO I!!! I have been wanting to do a CAL for a while but nothing was really calling to me. This on the other hand I had been looking at forever. So I was super excited to start this CAL.

    2. I actually prefer your square in square to the circle in square - can I join your CAL?? lol I need to find a brand of yarn that I can easily purchase either online or in Australia that gives me a variant and different shades of colours! Nothing here has more than 2/3 shades of the same colour :(

    3. Diana - You sure can join the CAL, Babylove Brand made a website for the gallery www.scrappyblanket.com - just post progress pics to Instagram tag #scrappycal or on FB Tag BabyloveBrand, Ravelry, or wherever! I can't wait to see your progress. I hope you find a good supplier. I am surprised Red Heart doesn't ship to AU.