Weekend Fun

Just a few small projects finished this weekend.  I still have a few UFO hats lingering here and there but they are almost all done and I can just pack them up for the fall.  
I finished my Momma's afghan and it is SO gorgeous.  I am really happy with the color I picked for the edging.  It couldn't have come together any better.  Here is it FRESH off the hook!

And as I was doing the edging I realized I had made a mistake on the first one.  So I re worked it a little too.   I was going to take it all off and fix it, but after I got the picots off I was a lot happier with how it looked and left it.  I still have not weaved any the ends in.  I better get to it, even if I don't wanna.


  1. Really pretty! And I would love to know how to make this edge, it is so lovely. I am making hexagons but can´t figure out how to make a straight edge, this seems the perfect solution!

    1. Maaike there is a link to the pattern designer Babylovebrand on the left side of the blog post.