On the hook

 Working on quite a few fun things, enjoying extremely warm winter days, and  watching my little ones grow and grow.  Things are good.

Scrappy Circles Pattern

Just a snippet from our life the past few weeks. Feeding ducks, playing with kids, and breaking out my knit socks and slippers.  It's finally gotten cold here in sunny southern California.  Well colder than normal.  There are a few different projects on the hook right now.  The grey granny squares, a batch of cute hats and working on writing up my "Scrappy Circles"  pattern.  I have made quite a few of theses in both shapes.  I love them.  They wip up rather quickly and they are great to use up bits of this and that.   Which I love that!  So far I have the pattern written for the blocks and joining.  Each blanket I made I have added a different edging so I am still working that part out. 

Messy house = Happy kids

My house is full of signs of good play time, cherished memories and a little something special in the works.  I am going classic with granny square in fall colors with heather grey.  I love grey blankets.  It's only two squares and I already love it. 


Ok ok ok, I don't know quite what happened to the month of September.  
It was here, it was gone and now the same has happened to October.

BUT I did manage to write up a new pattern, make my sons Halloween costume, keep the kids fed and clean, and kept up on housework for the most part.  So at least I did get something accomplished.
I also made quite a few hats to start stocking up my booth at the local shop I sell in.  So all in all I think it was an OK month.

Here is a peek at some of this months happenings.


The new hat is SO cute!  I am really happy with how it turned out.
I just posted it on RAVELRY and ETSY check it out :)


HELLO!!  September is here and Fall is just around the corner.  I will be working on a lot of fun patterns and posting links to them here.  The two little ones have kept me so very busy this past year.
I have done a few projects recently and got back into my groove.

I made 2 baby blankets and am working on 3 more.  There are lots of little babies on the way in my family.   I loved the "V STITCH" it was very fun to make.  I have used that stitch for a bag but never for a blanket before.  I kept seeing Le monde de Sucrette post about her V stitch blanket and I fell more and more in love with it.  After all the blankets are done it will be the perfect time to make new sweaters for the kids this fall.


 Pattern can be found on ETSY and Ravelry