Superman and Batman

Just finished a custom order for a little guy.  Hope he enjoys his super hero hats.
As for my little super hero, he is getting excited for Santa.

22 Days till Xmas


Looking for a quick and adorable gift to make for friends or family?  Here is the cutest free pattern for a headband!  My good friend asked me to make her a headband so I went on the hunt for a new pattern to try and came across this one.  I love it!  It is easy to follow and wips up really quick.  

Get the pattern here

Now back to guarding my Christmas tree from my little one.

I heart you

Working on a few projects at the moment.  But I am very happy to have finally completed this blanket.  I started it a few months ago (it was experimental) and I was not too thrilled with how it was working up.  Really I think I had just looked at it too much.  So I packed it up and let it simmer.
I was cleaning out my stash and trying to re organize, that always seems to get the juices flowing again, and when I pulled this out I realized how close it was to being done.  So I got right to it.  It didn't take long and it was finished.  And I felt a little silly that I put it away for so long.  It is sweet and cheery.  Some little girl will love it for sure.

The weather man is calling for rain

And when it rains it pours, well maybe not in Southern California.  We had a beautiful morning at the swap meet today.  We sell a few times a year at this great vintage market, and I swear every time we get a ticket to sell it rains.  So when the weather man said chance of rain Sunday my husband and I just laughed.  But we got lucky this time and the weather was perfect for outdoor shopping, vending and milling about. 
It was a cool morning so Mr T and I bundled up and headed out to go see Papa.  I love everything at this market, there are so many great booths to look at.  I of course saw so much pottery I would have LOVED to take home.  But settled on my favorite potter Frank Moreno.  I scored two pieces for $14, that is a STEAL!  The green one is stunning, I have two others that shape, it is not as common as the globe shape.  The aqua is very interesting to me.  I have only one that shape and it is larger.  I really have never seen a Moreno that is that small.  So I couldn't be happier with my purchases. 

  I also came home with a blue leaf vase.  It's not marked and I don't know who it is.  But I love it, I think I need a larger cabinet to house all my future finds.  As you see I will need to get a move on finding more yellow and white vases. 


Vintage Tablecloth Purses

Vintage fabric and vintage tablecloth market bags!!  
Ahhh, So cute right?  My adorable model and Mother in law Julie has a great stash of fabric to pick from.  Each one is just as charming as the next.

Tea and Treasures

I love pottery, ceramics, and really any little charming vintage treasure who need a new home.  This past weekend I came up on quite a few lovely pieces.  I have had the Shawnee dog before in blue, but LOVE the green version.  I am not quite sure who made the pink vase but it has all the characteristics that I like (swirls, lines, and mid- mini size) and it had to come home with me.  The I saw it, sitting alone on the next table, the deer.  He is so tall, so sweet and just perfect!  Again I am not sure of the maker but he is just lovely!

My Mother in Law is also a great finder, and today I am putting my new pincushion to work.  Isn't he darling!!  I am stuck on sewing right now.  Because of this I have not crocheted in a while, but the weather is cooling down and I have to get another batch of hats going, and get going again on my granny square jacket!!!  Time is a wasting.
So off I go with my Chai Tea and pincushion. 

Where have I been?  The days go by faster and faster and I can't keep up.  Halloween has come and gone and Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  As another year winds down I am excited to spend time with family and prepare for a new year.

I have still been busy with projects.  I made another batch of Owl hats.  They are just so cute I can't make enough of them.  But I have really been enjoying my sewing machine, and have been trying to sneak in as much time as I can to sewing up some fun new goods.  I started with aprons, I am kinda obsessed with them right now.  Then moved into bucket hats.  They turned out SO cute!!!  And now on to market bags.  I love being creative and making things with my hands.

WIPS and UFO's

Good morning!  How is your Wednesday so far?  I have a few WIPs that have been ignored, stashed away and forgotten about.  My goal is to have 3 of them done by Friday, ambitious I know.  The Minion hat was a quick finish, so now there are just 2 to go.   I think I can, I think I can!!

Quilters Dream

This whole week is a WIP for me.  It's good to be using my machine again, we just got her serviced and she is sewing like a dream. 

Owl be

 My unfinished WIP of hats are starting to look like owls.  Finally!
Hoot Hoot.  What are you working on?