Monday Fun

Scrappy circles #2  
I have not decided what to join my bright circles #1 in yet, so I started another scrappy circles blanket.  This is a different color palette for me.  I tend to use more grey and white to join and not really a lot of tan/browns.  But I think it is adorable!

I finished the Chevron blanket last Friday.  It so lovely!!!  Red Heart Soft it named well!!  It is so soft, I am 1,000% sure it will get lots of cuddle time in it's new home.  I was trying to get a good picture of it laying on my son's twin bed and he was just NOT going to let that happen.
I will have to try again later to get a full shot of it.

Now I am off to weave some ends in on the scrappy circles.


37 Weeks

Still here, still expecting, and still preparing for the arrival of our little girl.
Not much crafting has been happening these days.  I did however manage to finish her blanket.  Yay!!!  And wash, fold and put away all her new clothes.  That might not seem like much, but it was.  She will be sharing a closet and dresser with her brother and there was a lot of organizing and de-stashing that needed to happen to make it all fit neatly.  I love her little blanket and can't wait to take some pictures of her with it.