Pulling all my UFO's out and finishing them up before the month is over!!!

Here is the first gem that I finally finished.

 Now to to finally finish weaving the ends on a few more projects. 
Egh.... 100% guilty of weaving procrastination.

Sweetheart Square - Pattern

Happy Valentines Day!
Wrote up a pattern for my Sweetheart sweater.  Yay!!!
This was a new years goal of mine to start writing down my pattern designs, and here is my first one for the year.  I will be happy if I can complete and publish 6 this year.

Pattern can be found here


Adorable, yes. Does it fit my
I will try again tonight.

Baby Hoodie

 Little L has outgrown her ADORABLE sweater her Aunt made her.
So I have been trying very hard to knit her one myself.
After a few blunders I set down the needles and picked my trusty hook back up and whipped up this little beauty last night.  The only bummer is it is too small.
But I love how it turned out and I am going to make another!
And I will learn to knit and follow knitting patterns if it kills me!!!!!