Edging Patterns

All I can think about is how to finish off this blanket with a BANG!
So here are a few images and links to some free patterns for borders, edging, and lace designs.

Happy Friday!!


Wide Scallop


Nostalgia Border


Tea Towel Edge 

My favorite inspiration so far is this

How fabulous is that???  I just love the Betty&Annie Blog.  All here work is just stunning!

Wip's and Treasures

This weekend wasn't so great for treasure hunting.  But, I am lucky to that my Mother-In-Law owns a Vintage shop filled with goodies.  When I spotted the tiny pink leaf vase I knew I couldn't leave it behind.  She is precious, tiny, and fits right in with my ever growing collection!

I am onto the last row of bullseye's  and more than ready to get going on the borders.

I do have one little "WIP" I have been keeping secret .... We are expecting a little girl to join our family this summer.  I can't wait, she will be one crochet adorned little gal, I promise you that.

Joining Tutorial

 I couldn't resist these tulips yesterday at the market.  They match my project perfectly.

Today's tutorial is for a simple joining method I like to use.

This is a join as you go tutorial, once you have block #1 done, set it aside and get to work on #2.

The last row on my block is a DC, at the corner when you are ready to join to the other block, put your hook into the corresponding stitch on the finished block first, then DC and finish the stitch by pulling all the way through.  Basically you mimic everything you would normally do on your final row, but your are going through the opposing stitch first.

 It's a simple, but effective and clean joining method. 
You'll be done connecting your blocks in no time and ready to start a new project.

My little helper

 Someone let a "yarn bandit" loose in my house this morning. 
"Who me?  No Mom, I haven't seen your project anywhere"
What a stinker!  He loves to be my little helper.

Eventually I was able to wrangle my WIP away from my little monster.  
And after laying it out, I realized I will need to make a few more bullseyes and to blend in a little more green.  But I am loving every bit of it as I go along, and can't wait to get to the edging.

In Full Bloom

Motif #2 done and ready to join together

 My Friday project is in full bloom this morning.  I joined it together last night and just finished weaving in the ends.  Now it's all ready to catch the morning sun.  It's bright, cheerful and just what my table need.

Free Pattern Friday

There are a few things, I can't deny, I am addicted to.  Vintage Pottery, Houseplants and of course Crochet.  But luckily for me they all come together fabulously.  Today's free pattern I found was for a potholder/mandala that I am making for the plant that has just made it's way to our dinning table.

It's not done yet, but I'm loving how bright and cheery it is.


I think it's an understatement to say that I LOVE these baskets.