Grandma's Shawl


Making something for someone special if always very enjoyable.  This is for my sweet Grandma.  I thought of her the whole time I made it.  Would she like it, will it keep her warm, I wish I lived closer and could spend our birthday's together.  She told me the other day that she was wearing the scarf I made her years ago.  That made my heart swell.  I wanted to send her something a bit fancy for her birthday this week.  I think it will be perfect.


 I'm back.  I was locked out of my blog and for the life of me could not get in.
I have also been distracted from blogging.
Little L is keeping my hands full and Mr T is making my head spin with how quickly he moves.

But I am coming out of the new baby fog and ready to start some fun and fancy new projects worthy of blogging.

Happy New Year.