Scrappy Postage Stamp Blankets


Torn and indecisive!!!  I want to add another row of reds to Mr T's blanket and possibly make it one row wider too.  But for now it is on hold till I decide what to do.  I am sure he won't care if I don't do a single thing more to it.  He loved the loose ends and all!

While I weave ends and ponder on what to do next I started the pink version.  It is adorable so far.  This time I did the blocks correctly.  Yay for following the pattern!  I think it will be 4 blocks x 4 blocks ( or 5 x 4 ) so a nice little baby blanket to add to the shop.

Naomi Hymas Benefit Auction

Share some love and support a great cause!
My friends little niece was in a horrible accident and needs a little help.

"My 10 year old neice, Namoi, was in a terrible accident that left a large part of her face crushed. She is so blessed to be alive and recovering right now, but it is going to be long, expensive road for her and her family. To help them, I am hosting an benefit auction. All proceeds from this auction will got to the Hymas family to help with expenses. If you would like to read more about Naomi and her accident, here is a link to a recent article":

Bear and frog set 6-12 months

 Bear and frog set 6-12 months

Black hat with bill Adult/youth

Brown bear 3 months

 Blue Hat with bill and flower Adult/ Youth
These items and many more things can be bid on HERE.
Auction opens July 1st.

Baby Hexagons and Postage stamp CAL

Aww!!  Isn't she beautiful?  I am so happy with how it turned out!
Now back to work on the postage stamp CAL.  Two more rows and on to the edging.
I want to get a nice book all about edging cause it adds such a great finishing touch.  We will see what I come up with for this one.



Newborn Blanket

 I am so in love with this blanket!  Last night I finished up the blocks and have it ready for the edging.  I can't quite decide if I should do a color or the cream.  I love it love it love it!  It will be my first blanket listed for sale.  I am just getting my Etsy shop going again after a long time of being "on vacation".  I am excited to get going again.

Weekend Adventure



Spent a beautiful morning in the mountains with my two sweet hearts!  It was so much fun.  I did bring some yarn to hook a little in the shade but didn't accomplish much.  Mr T didn't want to sit still for long he wanted to explore.  So I set down the hook and we went on a little walk to look at all the creatures and flowers we could find.  It was a great way to spend the day.

More Hexagon Happiness

When I started this a while ago I didn't know what I wanted it to be.  I was just playing around with mutli colored hexes.  It has probably always been my favorite style of blanket but I always thought it was difficult.  Maybe it was thinking of all the ends to weave.  So I decided to attempt it.  But baby sized.  

Here was the progress last night, a few more motifs made and just starting to add the cream to join.

 And here it is this morning.  I am going to have to add a couple more rows to make it a bit bigger but we are getting there.  I am weaving the ends after each row is joined.  Controlled chaos!!

Preemie Hat Tutorial

 Hook H-5mm
Bernat Waverly Baby Yarn

Chain 4, slip stitch to make ring.
Row 1:  Chain 2 ( counts as your first stitch) 9 DC into ring (10 stitches)

Row 2:  Chain 2, turn (optional, I like to turn my work so you can't see the line where you joined your round) 2 DC into each stitch around.  (20 stitches) Slip stitch to join.

Row 3:  Chain 2, Turn, *2 DC into next stitch, 1 DC into the next 2 stitches. Repeat from * all the way around. You have to "fudge it" at the last stitch to make it a perfect repeat.  (28 stitches, It ends up being 2 DC in the last2 stitches.)

 It's a little odd but it works out.

Row 4:  Chain 2, turn, *2 DC into the next stitch, 1 DC into the next 3 stitches, repeat at * all the way around,  join.  (35 stitches)

Row 5:  1 DC in each stitch around, join.
6-8:  Chain 2, turn, skip first stitch and crochet 2 DC into second stitch from standing chain, Skip stitch and repeat DC cluster all around.  In the last DC cluster you only need one DC and you connect to your standing chain.

Row 9:  Chain 1, turn, 1 SC in each stitch around, join and fasten off.  Weave in any ends.

Now you can play with it.  Add flowers, hearts, ears or anything to dress it up.  Make a bunch and donate them to your local hospital.

Here is the link for the HEART I used.

I made a few a bit larger and a solid DC version of the pattern above as well.