Pennant Bunting

I am finally adding some small touches to Mr T's room to finish it off.  I made a special doorway pennant bunting to match the vintage quilt for the twin bed in his room.  I love how
it hangs on both sides of the door.  So he can see it when the door is closed or open.  It looks good and I will make a step by step tutorial soon:)  His room had a beach/surf theme, so I picked out a few of our favorite oil painting and surf art and made a little collage and it had just enough room for his name to be added to the bottom corner.   The letter just need a quick painting and I will post his whole room soon.

 My crochet projects have been smalls.  I sell a lot of my creations at a local shop.  So with Christmas on the way I am trying to stock up the stock.  The headbands bows had all sold out so I started a new batch.  I really liked all the pinks, reds and greens together it was kind of a bright happy Christmas batch.  I also started a few Owl purses to stock up the shop as well.  They use up a lot of the small balls leftover and really clean up my basket its a win win project.    And just to top it all off there are a bunch more bear, flower, puppy and kitten hats.  I also had a cool custom order for a couple Mexican Wrestler team hats.  I have never made anything like them and it was a fun challenge.  The best part is they were well loved by my customer.  There was another custom order for a newborn that will be her in early December.  

Circles to Squares

Just found a great video tutorial for the circles to granny square blanket I plan to make for myself.  Now if I could just decide my colors.  So far I am thinking of making it very similar to the inspiration blanket ( I still can't remember who's blog I saw that on), just not using the orange and purple.  Making it to match the throw pillows a little more.  

 I haven't has a ton of time to crochet, as you can see we are working on tooth #2.  But I did sneak in some time to get a few row in on the bobble blanket.  When all of he sudden I was out a yarn..... So now the bobble blanket is at a stand still again because I made the cardinal crochet sin.  I didn't buy enough charcoal skeins for the whole project. When I went to pick some more up they were all sold out!!!!   I will have to go again later this week to see if they are re stocked.  Is it just me that does that?

Yarn Stash

 I adore my weekends! They are usually spent cleaning house, running errands and a little treasure hunting at our local swap meet.  My only find this weekend was a single white vase and a big basket I am now using for my yarn.  I had a pink tote overflowing with messy skeins, my crochet magazines, never used knitting hooks, finished and unfinished projects.  It was a disaster and driving me crazy!  So when I saw this big pile of baskets I dug one out that I thought would work.  First thing I did when we got home was  organized my projects and stashed duplicate color skeins in the tote and put it away.  So now I have a fairly organized basket to pull from and keep my current projects in.  Yay for temporary organization.  As soon as I go to the store for more yarn I have a feeling it won't look quite as nice.  


 I came across this beautiful craft blog and found this really cute wrap vest and am promptly going to make one.  I think I will wear it for thanksgiving.  :)  It will be lovely with a white long sleeve and jeans, and its so simple it should work up pretty fast.  The only change I think I will make is I want it to drape long like a tunic so I might adjust the pattern a little to accommodate that.  Maybe 75- 80 stitches to start instead or the 55..... we will see.