Wednesday Wip - On to the edging

Oh lala!!!  I am all done with the hexagons and moving on the the edging.  I have been weaving most the ends in as I go so there is only a few to tuck in before I get to the edging and then it should wip up really fast.  Can't wait to ship it off to it's new home with my Momma!!  


  1. Its gorgeous!!! I wish i had the patience to sew hexagons...Did i mention to you again how lovely it is and i keep coming back to your blog to have a peak at this beautiful picture!

    1. Rajeswari, I am joining them as I go and it makes it so fast and super easy!!! I have always loved but been very intimidated by hexagons. I am so glad I have this a I am not so scared to move onto muti-colored hex's!! :) Thank you for your kind words!! It means a lot to me, especially coming for you, you have a lovely blog and do great work yourself!