Hoppy Easter

Crochet bunny free pattern 

It's my sons first Easter and I was starting to feel bad that I wasn't going to make him a basket.  But he isn't even 1 yet and I am sure he won't remember.  I kept seeing these adorable little bunnies and I totally gave in.  I mean how could you not they are ADORABLE!!  I have never done amigurumi  crochet, so really it was two "bunnies" with one stone.  

I got the pattern here.  It was a very neatly written tutorial with great step by step images.
Thank you The Green Dragonfly!!

 Hoppy Easter Everyone!!

Wednesday WIP

I took a small break on my hexagons while my Mom was visiting, but I am back at it now.  I placed an order with Joann's for some lighter colors to mix in as well as some different shades of cream and white.  I can't wait for my order to arrive to start blending them in.  I laid out what I have made so far on my bed and was glad to see its as wide as it needs to be and now it is just a matter of fading up.  


Here is a little peek at my new pottery.  A Vintage Pacific Pottery Vase in this sweet pink oh la la!  I love it.  I am going to need a larger shelf soon if I don't slow down on collecting them.  It seems like you can't find them when you want them and they are everywhere when you aren't really looking for one.  So I guess I will just have to buy them whenever I come across a good one room or no room.  :)  My flowers for the week is a potted Hyacinth.  It is already blooming and was happy to see the sweet white flowers so fast.  I love my weekly flowers. 

Back at it

Back to my Hexagons.  I have started to mix ins a few new lighter colors to try and fade the colors off a little more.  The more I look at it the more I like it!  I am so excited and hope to have it finished here soon.   

WIPs and UFO's

This is an owl purse that has been waiting to be completed for way to long.  I made 6 or so and this one never got competed.  But stock in the shop I sell them in has gotten low so I have to finish him and make one more to refresh things.

granny square pursegranny square purse 

My granny purses are still undone!!  
I never ordered the handles and then thy got tucked away in the project tote.  oops
crochet owl hat 

I did finish one of my owls, but it was for a special order and had a deadline.  
The other 11 have not been so lucky.

And last UFO for now my Hexagons.  I need a few more balls of green and maybe a new shade of blue as well to mix in but so far all is going really well and I am totally in love with it.  After this one is done I am making one in red, pink and purple for my niece.

Maybe now this nice list of UFOs I will become motivated to start checking them off the list.

Beach Babies

 Spent a morning at the beach instead of at home doing dishes, laundry and crocheting in between.  It was beautiful!  I can't wait till summer.  My little and I took a long walk and then headed to the water to see Papa surf for a bit then we made our way back home.  
The walk out to the water was a little tricky.  Mr T was wiggling to get down, I had the blankets, camera, water and towel.  My hands were full, I needed a bag.  I am sure I have one somewhere I could dig out, but what fun is that.  There are a few balls of cotton yarn I have been holding onto that I got in a huge bag of yarn from a thrift store forever ago.  It will be a fun quick project.  Here are some inspiration pictures.
SALE - Cotton Knit/Crochet Beach Bag/Market Tote in Coral - OOAK

The last one is my favorite.... oh la la  I can't wait for summer.

And here is another peek at my hexagons after the weekend and my new sunflowers that snuck into my cart while grocery shopping.   

Connecting Hexagons

Here is my attempt at a picture tutorial of how I am joining my hexagons.

I worked a sc on the bottom then slip stitch on top to join each corresponding side.
It ends up looking like an up down pattern.

 Make sure you are joining at the corner, and still doing 2 stitches in the corners.

Wip Wednesday

I started another new project.  I just couldn't help myself.

Geometric Lace is the pattern by BabyLove Brand.  I saw her work on  The Creative Crochet Crew facebbook page and couldn't help myself.  It was so artistic, colorful and in a way non traditional crochet.  Even though hexagons are a simple and classic block, the way the colors are worked together its so fresh and new. 

I made the hexagons a size up from what the pattern calls for.  I plan on making for a queen bed.  It will be lovely.  :)  Here is the growth so far today.  I am also joining them in a slightly different way so really I am not doing so wall at following patterns.  But I will for the lace edging.... I want that the exact same she does it. It just might be the best part!!

 My hooks are all baked up and waiting for sandpaper.  

Here are a few tips I learned in the process:
Cane sheets make smoother handles
Make thinner handles, once the clay is baked it can be heavy in the hand.  
I didn't like the handles that go to far up in the hook.  Take the clay just up to the thumb rest. 
Use baby wipes on your hands each time you switch colors.  Especially red.
Parchment paper work better than tinfoil. Tinfoil crinkles up and will make marks on the handle.
And last of all HAVE FUN with it, don't stress over imperfections.