Vintage Treasures

 We are lucky to have a great vintage swap meet close to home.  About 4-5 times a year we pack up and head out really early to sell our goods.  It is a very fun, busy and exhausting day.  This past weekend Mr.T and I went to see Daddy and do a little shopping.  Tosh did most of his shopping in our own both.  We ended up keeping the dog painting and hung it in his room.
I found myself an American Bisque "After School" cookie jar.  I love it!

                         MrT and his Grandma                                                           Daddy setting up

Nothing much else to report just keeping busy with the normal housekeeping and Mom duties.  I haven't had much time crochet too much.  I did finish up a Mini Mouse set for a 1 year old's Halloween costume.  I am sure she will be just adorable.

Here is a little progress on my Geometric Lace #5.  
I hope to have it grow a lot this week.

Crochet Pixi Hood Pattern

 Crochet Pixi Hood

Simple and sweet!
6.0 mm- J Hook
Red Heart Super Savor Yarn/Worsted weight
0-3 Months
Chain 38, Dc in 2nd stitch from hook, and in each stitch till the end.
Repeat for 8 rows.
Fold in half and sc one side together to make hood.
Row 1: Sc in each stitch around.
Row 2: Reverse SC in each stitch around (crab stitch)
slip stitch to join and weave in all the ends.

Add tassels or neck strap with button.

3-6 Months
Chain 42
DC 10 Rows

6-12 Months
Chain 45
DC 12 Rows

12-24 Months
Chain 48
DC 14 Rows

You could easily replace the DC stitch with any other stitch to add detail or texture.
How cute would a chevron hood be!!! 

I added a box pleat to the back of the hood for a snug fit.
I used a wip stitch to add the box pleat for the finished hoods.  For new hoods I made after my adjustments, I added the box pleat when adding the single crochet edging.

Hats aplenty

I am going to have a big box of hats by the time I am done!
I am getting really excited for fall.  I want to carve pumpkins and plan my sons Halloween costume.

Maybe a shark?

Button Lampshade

I can't believe it is already SEPTEMBER!!!  We had a relatively mild summer this year, but this past week has been very humid and hot.  And that is rare here in SoCal, we never have humidity.  But thankfully today was a lot cooler so I spent the day outside with my little guy.  While he napped I went crazy making baby hats and daydreaming of fall and the cooler weather to come.

While we were outside I snuck in a button project I saw on pinterest.  I love it so far and have a cool lamp base packed away that will be just perfect for it.  I am happy to finally use up some of my buttons.  My stash just seems to grow and I never actually put them to use.

Wip Wednesday

This little guy is so active its hard to get anything done right now.
But that is OK with me.  Play hard = Long Nap and then I will sneak in some crochet.