Ready set sew

Good morning!
Nap time came early here today.  My little Mr. was a bit of a grump and is taking a nice long nap.  So after all the laundry and fun Mom stuff was done I sat down to finish up my pincushion.

I sewed a felt liner, stuffed it with a little stuffing leftover from my Easter bunnies and some black beans for weight.  It is adorable!  And will not get lost, its pretty big.  That is good for me, I am a messy sewer and never seem to know where my pincushion or scissors are.  

Weekend Treasures and Scrappy Crochet

 I love a good treasure hunt early in the morning. 
As always I came across a few good items that I didn't necessarily need but could not pass up.  
1- Lovely little woven purse.
2- A beautiful Frank Moreno globe pot.
3- A sweet green mid vase :)  I was looking for a green one last week but didn't see any.  So I was happy to come across this little guy.  I might need to keep my eye out for a larger cabinet. It's getting quite full.

The little woven purse inspired me to make a batch of small tight stitched scrappy bags.  I will post a tutorial of the process soon.  It's been fun to play with all my tiny scraps and stitches I have not used before.  


My pincushion so far, ready for stuffing :)

And just for fun some colored hexagons.  Maybe a skirt, cushion, purse.... I have yet to decide.
Sneaky little hands now able to reach the top of the table, my crochet is not safe.  Now I need a cute box with a lid to keep his hands out of my stash and projects.

Sweet Pincushions

Isn't this so cute!! 
When my Mom came to visit last month I had her help to get my sewing machines working again.  With summer coming I plan to make up some new dresses and lovely maxi skirts.  So a new pincushion is in order.  It should be a fun and quick project to do while I wait for a yarn shipment to start my Mom's Mothers Day afghan.

Here are a few other adorable free pincushion patterns.

(click the images for link to tutorial)


 Pin Cushion_9sml 

These aren't pincushions but would make really cute pincushions.

So in LOVE

I am so thrilled to say my hexagon blanket is DONE!  I am so in love with it and could not be any happier with how it turned out.  To date it is the largest (no kidding it's massive) and nicest project I have ever made so I am really glad that it is for me.  Most of what I make it for sale or gifts so it's fun to make something for myself.  It took just under 2 months to complete, but it felt like forever.  I fell so in love with the pattern that I couldn't make it fast enough.

Now to start one for my Momma for Mothers day..... Just not so big.

Checking off my Wip list

 Remember my UFO list, well I finally checked three items off that list!!  Yay!
I found the motivation to clean out my closet and organize a bit this weekend.   These were all stacked up and driving me nuts.  It didn't take much time at all to finish them and I wonder why I kept putting it off in the first place.

Oh wait, I was putting them off because I was distracted with my HEXAGONS!!!  
Which might I add is also so close to being done I am just itching to put it on the bed.


And for being so motivated I treated myself to a new lovely little vase.
And then had to re-organize to make room her.  I was telling myself I wanted a green or yellow vase but this pink one just caught my eye and I had to have it.  There is no makers mark so I don't know what it is but I don't mind, it's still beautiful.  

Day Dreaming

Love the bright colors!

Crocheted Rag Rug From Sheets + Pillowcases

Color rings make me happy

I love them all!!

My first attempt at a rug.  I came across a box of chunky yarn at a garage sale and it was a $1 a ball.   I had never used the super chunky yarn but could not pass it up.  I was glad I didn't when I started to day dream about what I could use it for and settled on a rug for my son's room.  I love it. 

Polka Dot Garland

Chain 4, slip stitch together to make ring.


Chain 1 and make 10 hdc stitches into the loop, slip stitch together.

Chain 1, 2 hdc in each stitch all around and slip together and finish off.

Make a bunch


Now to start chaining them together.


Chain 5 and slip stitch together to make another loop.  Chain 10 and attach a circle.


You can attach your rings however you like.  Just a single stitch so the circle hangs or slip stitch across the center.  I chose to go across the center.
Chain 8 (space in between the circles) and add another.  Repeat till the end.
Once you get to the end make another loop and your done.


Weave in all the ends and hang it up, step back and smile.