Monday Madness

 Just bit of progress on the CAL I am joining in on.  I think I might make it a Baby Sized blanket.  I need another full sized afghan like I need a hole in my head.  So far I am just using just my remnants and trying to use up all the bits and pieces to small for other projects.  It is going to be lovely!

And for this lovely number I have finished up all the purple and pink and started on the blue and aqua!  Yay I can't wait to give this to my sweet niece she is going to LOVE it!

My hubby had the day off because of the holiday so we headed to a local swap meet and we came up on a great surfboard for him and I found BOXES of yarn.  I picked out 12 skeins of yarn for $10  I am a happy girl.  It was a win win for the both of us.  Now I am off to put some of that new yarn to good use.

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