Button Jar

If you are a crafter chances are you have a jar or two of buttons stashed away.  I am no different.  I have quite a few jars, bags and bins all over the place just waiting to dream up something I could do with them.  Today I finally made up a button project.  

 I love them!  They are so sweet and crafty.

WIP Wednesday

Just a quick photo of the progress on my Geometric Lace #5.  It looks rather dark now but I can't wait to see it transition into cream and tan.  Its going to be Gorgeous.

Ribbet Ribbet

 This project has been a frogging nightmare!!  It was not laying flat and I was not happy with all the white!  But I am determined to make it work.  So I frogged to the last point where I liked it at and started over.

If I don't get it right I might just box it up and try again at a later date.  Wish me luck, cause right now this is how I feel about it.


Secret Projects

 Hello my fellow crochet friends!  Just a quick little post for now.  I will get back on track on Monday.  After vacation I was thrown off a bit and didn't do much to blog about.  This I was a little sneaky with a secret project I whipped up this week for a baby shower this weekend.  I LOVED it so much!!  I love that pattern, it is so fun to play with color placement and way easier than it looks.  I would highly recommend giving it a go. 
 Anyway hope you are all enjoying your weekend!!

M-I-C-K-E-Y Mouse

Every year I think to myself I am going to be more prepared for the fall season.  And each year comes and goes with no preparation and I want to kick myself.  SO  this year I am breaking my bad habit and starting to stock up now.   Here is my first contribution to fall stock.  The cutest Mickey and Mini mouse newborn hats.

Coffee and Crochet


Good morning!  I am spending my Monday morning with my little sweetheart napping, drinking coffee and working on a few WIPs I have in progress.


chevron quiltI really like the colors and pattern! Something I may try to copy. Mod Chevron Baby Quilt by @Rashida Bethel Bethel Coleman-Hale  in the Premier Issue of GenQ Magazinesimple but beautiful quilt - maybe this is my next project? What would it look like with African fabric instead of grey - too much? 

 I started paying around with ideas of what to make from a UFO or WIP (depending on who you ask)  that I took from my Mom when we were on vacation.  She has it already cut into strips for a scrappy stripy blanket.  I really like it as it is.  But for some silly reason I want to make it more difficult for myself than it needs to be.  Someone please smack me!

Granny Square Hearts

 Sweet right?  I love all the color and am enjoying just playing around without any set ideas just yet of where is it going.  I tend to do that a lot!  But that is ok, its a dun experiment.  

I am also working on another geometric lace.  Inspired by THIS flicker photo.  A little more rustic than the bright colors I have made in the past.  It will be a fun new color palette to use, and will fit perfectly in the home it is going to.

Purse love


I have been a little crochet lazy..... and very online shop happy.  I LOVE this bag.  It could be a project bag, purse, and diaper bag!!  Oh boy I better stop.

Handmade Granny Squares Lot of 83 

This would be so perfect for my jacket!!!  I would love to save them, 83 squares ready to go!!