Crochet Factory

 Happy Friday.  Here is just a peek into my "crochet factory".  Last night made a new batch of bows and flowers for headbands.  Then started a few more starts for the CAL, and realized I needed to be making them with an odd number of stitches and not an even number.  I don't know what I was thinking.  Well really I was thinking I don't want to holes to be to big.  I don't like drafty blankets, so I did 4 stitch clusters instead of 3..... Bah..... this is why I wish I would just follow a pattern.

We just set up a bird feeder, I foresee a weekend filled with bird watching.

Sneaking in some crochet

Got a little work in today while my little Mr was playing in his room.  Every now and again he would come and pull my leg and beg to get down and read or play with him.  Little stinker!!!  Makes my heart melt. I decided on a navy edging.  I didn't want to go with black or white thinking it would be to stark and cold looking.  The navy is nice and dark but also makes all the colors warm and still very bright.  Does that make sense? 

Wip Wednesday


I love when a WIP comes together.  Just picking out a color for the edging.  I was planning on using the variegated yarn but I changed my mind this morning when I was looking at it again.  So now to pick out something special and this will be done in no time and mailed off to surprise my sweet niece Kassidy!!  I can't wait for her to get it. 

Monday Madness

 Just bit of progress on the CAL I am joining in on.  I think I might make it a Baby Sized blanket.  I need another full sized afghan like I need a hole in my head.  So far I am just using just my remnants and trying to use up all the bits and pieces to small for other projects.  It is going to be lovely!

And for this lovely number I have finished up all the purple and pink and started on the blue and aqua!  Yay I can't wait to give this to my sweet niece she is going to LOVE it!

My hubby had the day off because of the holiday so we headed to a local swap meet and we came up on a great surfboard for him and I found BOXES of yarn.  I picked out 12 skeins of yarn for $10  I am a happy girl.  It was a win win for the both of us.  Now I am off to put some of that new yarn to good use.

C.A.L Fun

Not that I need a new project but I am starting a CAL with CraftyGoodnessCrochet and BabyLoveBrand.  I have always admired everything the Purl Bee designed and have looked at this blanket a lot.  But I guess I needed a little nudge to just start it.  This CAL (crochet a long) was nudge enough for me.  I will make the revised version instead of the circle in square that the pattern calls for.  Here we go!! 

Wip Wednesday

This is my inspiration for my current WIP.   Yes it's another hexagon afghan.  I am sorry I hope your not bored of this pattern.  I love it and am SO HOOKED on it.  I have crochet ADD and move from this to that so often.  But I could make this every day.
 Even though it is a simple solid hexagon the color placement keeps it interesting.
My sweet niece Kassidy love this yarn.  When she was visiting last summer we made her and her cousins a bunch of flower headbands.  This was her favorite yarn we used.  Recently she was loosing a tooth and was too scared to pull it.  My sister told her that if she pulled the tooth that she could pick a place to go, whatever she wanted.  "Rachel's house"  was her pick.  But I live out of state and it's just not really that easy, but that answer sure made my heart melt.  So I told her that I would make her a blanket.  I am sure she will love it.  I think I might try to use the variegated yarn for the edging.  We will see how that looks.

So far I have pretty much all the pink added an am moving onto the purple.
I am anxious to add the blues and aqua it will really POP.

Weekend Fun

Just a few small projects finished this weekend.  I still have a few UFO hats lingering here and there but they are almost all done and I can just pack them up for the fall.  
I finished my Momma's afghan and it is SO gorgeous.  I am really happy with the color I picked for the edging.  It couldn't have come together any better.  Here is it FRESH off the hook!

And as I was doing the edging I realized I had made a mistake on the first one.  So I re worked it a little too.   I was going to take it all off and fix it, but after I got the picots off I was a lot happier with how it looked and left it.  I still have not weaved any the ends in.  I better get to it, even if I don't wanna.

Happy little bird

I got this key chain what seems like forever ago.  I love it he is a cheery little bird that brightens up my keys and helps them not get lost.  He started to look a little and all the beads has come off.  So I decided to give him a little face lift.  I pulled out my stash of embroidery thread and picked out some happy colors and got right to it.  I have made the LUCY BIRD DECORATION before and just mimicked that pattern in a much smaller version.  
I have never made something with that small of a needle.  It was a little awkward at first but as soon as I got the hang of it it was a fun little project to push myself out of my 5mm hook box. And now he is a bright and happy little bird again.


Instead of flowers this week I splurged on a Pineapple plant.  Yes a pineapple plant!!!  I was so giddy in the store when I saw them I couldn't help myself.  I just had to bring one home with me.  

Happy Friday!!  Enjoy your weekend <3

Wednesday Wip - On to the edging

Oh lala!!!  I am all done with the hexagons and moving on the the edging.  I have been weaving most the ends in as I go so there is only a few to tuck in before I get to the edging and then it should wip up really fast.  Can't wait to ship it off to it's new home with my Momma!!  

April Projects

I don't know where I have been but I just realized I didn't do Aprils collage.  So here it is a little late.....but better than never.  

Playing with color on some scrappy hexagons.
Custom order Yoda toddler hat
Starting a new Hexagon blanket
African flower Pincushion 
Getting back to Owl purses for a little shop I sell in.
Finished my bedspread Oh lala
Nursery decor, Rug and garland.

Leaving you with this pretty print I just came across.  
So cheery and bright!!  I just might have to find somewhere in my ho use to put it.  All the art in her little shop is adorable!
Garden Party - 8x10 print

Have a happy weekend!


I love pillows

more pretty girly stuff
Luxury handmade fine mercerised cotton crochet panel cushion cover in stone and white 40cm

 I am thinking of adding some pretty pillows to my bed.  What I can't decide is if I should add some white, lacy crochet pillow or a scrappy fabric pillow.  Or another option BOTH.  Ya I like that idea.
I can't wait to get started.  I think the scrappy pillow will help tie all the other color in my room in.  Right now it is a little mismatched.