Grandmothers Flower Garden

Hello, just a progress shot of my hexagon flowers so far.  They are cute but a little bit wonky, I like things to be nice and flat before they are joined.  I think I have the perfect fix.  After this blanket is put together I will start another one with the new and improved hexagon pattern and a different joining method.  I am really excited to have my first pattern for sale and hope you like it.  I will keep you posted on the progress!

Teal Dreams - Chevron Baby Blanket

 Just finished, cute as can be, and ready to be snuggled.
Free Shipping - Listing can be found here.

Another Project added to my list

Daydreaming of making this bag...

Can't wait for the pattern to be available!!! 
This is a great diaper bag for 2 kids / Momma bag.

Chevron Tutorial

I love chevron blankets.  They are retro and modern crochet all at the same time.  Pick a palette, go scrappy or just one solid color.  You really can't go wrong!  Once you get the hang of it, it is a "mindless" pattern, you don't have to concentrate to hard as you go along.  Just keep repeating yourself as you go along.

I, like most crocheter's out there LOVE the Attic24 Neat Ripple pattern.
I made this one for my Son before he was born.


When My sister asked me to make her a Chevron blanket I figured I would use her pattern again.
But after looking around at other patterns I decided I wanted a more dramatic chevron.
So I tweaked the pattern to my liking.

Here is a quick photo tutorial.

Chain a big long chain, depending on how wide you want your blanket / pillow / project.
I tend to freestyle, and not count stitches.  Yes it gets me in a pickle most of the time but its easy to add more foundation, or take some off when needed.

I started with *10 DC, 5 DC cluster (peak), 10 DC, 5 DC TOG (valley) then just repeat at * till you like how wide it is and I like to end with matching chevron peaks.

OK now here is where you can run into problems. Keeping the edges straight.

Chain 2 (this counts as your first DC)  skip the first stitch and DC 2 TOG in the next 2 spaces.  
So you now have a little decreased cluster of 3 DC.

That counts as one stitch, so now you need 9 more till you start your next peak.

This is where you get into the groove.
Peak, 10, Valley, 10 repeat till the end.

Now you will do the same 3 DC decrease cluster for the 10th stitch to straighten the edge.

Enjoy, share the pictures of your project!
Happy Hooking!!

I have been asked on the math/stitch count for this pattern.

Each "V" is 21 CH, to create the valley that is 5 CH, and the first DC for your row 1 is another 2 CH

So for a blanket with 5 "V" it is 127 stitches.
Another question I have gotten is the valley in row 2 does not mach up with row 1's valley.  Don't worry, the peaks match up every row, but the valley looks like it is off by one stitch.  Just keep going, odd rows mach up perfect, and even row's match up perfect.

 Let me know if this helps :)  Happy Hooking.


 Just a couple WIP's in progress today.
Loving the deep V chevron blanket.
Let's hope my sister does too.