Wip Wednesday

I started another new project.  I just couldn't help myself.

Geometric Lace is the pattern by BabyLove Brand.  I saw her work on  The Creative Crochet Crew facebbook page and couldn't help myself.  It was so artistic, colorful and in a way non traditional crochet.  Even though hexagons are a simple and classic block, the way the colors are worked together its so fresh and new. 

I made the hexagons a size up from what the pattern calls for.  I plan on making for a queen bed.  It will be lovely.  :)  Here is the growth so far today.  I am also joining them in a slightly different way so really I am not doing so wall at following patterns.  But I will for the lace edging.... I want that the exact same she does it. It just might be the best part!!

 My hooks are all baked up and waiting for sandpaper.  

Here are a few tips I learned in the process:
Cane sheets make smoother handles
Make thinner handles, once the clay is baked it can be heavy in the hand.  
I didn't like the handles that go to far up in the hook.  Take the clay just up to the thumb rest. 
Use baby wipes on your hands each time you switch colors.  Especially red.
Parchment paper work better than tinfoil. Tinfoil crinkles up and will make marks on the handle.
And last of all HAVE FUN with it, don't stress over imperfections. 

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