Wednesday WIP

I took a small break on my hexagons while my Mom was visiting, but I am back at it now.  I placed an order with Joann's for some lighter colors to mix in as well as some different shades of cream and white.  I can't wait for my order to arrive to start blending them in.  I laid out what I have made so far on my bed and was glad to see its as wide as it needs to be and now it is just a matter of fading up.  


Here is a little peek at my new pottery.  A Vintage Pacific Pottery Vase in this sweet pink oh la la!  I love it.  I am going to need a larger shelf soon if I don't slow down on collecting them.  It seems like you can't find them when you want them and they are everywhere when you aren't really looking for one.  So I guess I will just have to buy them whenever I come across a good one room or no room.  :)  My flowers for the week is a potted Hyacinth.  It is already blooming and was happy to see the sweet white flowers so fast.  I love my weekly flowers. 

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