Polymer Clay Crochet Hooks

 This was such a fun project.  I would highly recommend making handles for your hooks.  It is more comfortable to use and a fun new craft to add to your bag of tricks.  I have never worked with polymer clay before so I watched a video to get an idea how its done.  I had quite a few blank hooks to practice on and I wish I had more.  I just might have to get a few more to cover.  Just don't tell my husband ;)  I use my 5-6 mm hooks the most.  But wouldn't mind having a few smaller hooks to keep in my stash for more intricate projects.  

I started off with simple polka dot patterns.  I used the method in the video then made small balls of clay and stuck them on the handle and rolled the hook to flatten the balls out.  Simple and actually really cute.  Then tried my hand at swirls and marbling.  I rolled out a few snakes of clay then swirled them together and put them stuck it on the hook.  I was happy with them but wanted to really do something using the cane technique.   I didn't have a razor blade, so when I would cut into the cane it smooshed it a bit.  But I liked the imperfection.  I was able to do 2 hooks per cane roll.  It was a bit easier to get the clay smooth and even on the hook with the cane method.  For me I liked that method the best.  I have four more hooks to cove and I will be using the cane method for them.  Off I go :)  

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