Beach Babies

 Spent a morning at the beach instead of at home doing dishes, laundry and crocheting in between.  It was beautiful!  I can't wait till summer.  My little and I took a long walk and then headed to the water to see Papa surf for a bit then we made our way back home.  
The walk out to the water was a little tricky.  Mr T was wiggling to get down, I had the blankets, camera, water and towel.  My hands were full, I needed a bag.  I am sure I have one somewhere I could dig out, but what fun is that.  There are a few balls of cotton yarn I have been holding onto that I got in a huge bag of yarn from a thrift store forever ago.  It will be a fun quick project.  Here are some inspiration pictures.
SALE - Cotton Knit/Crochet Beach Bag/Market Tote in Coral - OOAK

The last one is my favorite.... oh la la  I can't wait for summer.

And here is another peek at my hexagons after the weekend and my new sunflowers that snuck into my cart while grocery shopping.   

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