Weekend fun

 This weekend I have so many projects in the works.   I cut the liners and have then ready for my two granny square purses.  Finally I have a reason to get into my fabric stash.  It has been completely neglected since I had my baby, and that is quickly coming up on a year. 

I also started some more creature hats.  I live in So Cal, so our winter is pretty much over and summer is almost here.  But I figured the mornings are still cold enough here for a little while that they just might sell.  If not I will have stock ready for next fall.  A dozen hats coming right up!

With summer right around the corner yard work is begging to get done.  I have a succulent garden that too has been neglected and needs a lot of love.  So with the help of some time management and nap time for my little one hopefully I can complete all my mini weekend goals. 

Oh and if I can finish it all I can make my polymer clay hook handles :)  A little extra motivation doesn't hurt.

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