Summer Heatwave

Summer is here.  It's been HOT the past few days and I have been incredibly unmotivated to do anything but nap, drink smoothies and play with my son in the sprinkler.

Today we spent a whole hour with the water on before 11:00!  It's so HOT!!
All I can think about are cold treats to make it through the day.  Here are a few of the treats I can't wait to make.  I have a feeling this is going to be one hot summer.  
August and baby #2 can't come soon enough!
        Peach Pie Popsicle               Raspberry Cheesecake Popsicle 
Pineapple Orange Banana Popsicle 
              Pudding Pops                  Peanut Butter Oreo Popsicles

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