Colorful Cubes Tutorial

The fun thing about crochet is you can modify any pattern to you liking.

Here is a loose pattern for the colorful cubes I have been making for my much loved pillow shams.

Hook 4.00 mm / G6

Chain 4 slip stitch together, or magic circle.  Whatever you like best.

Round 1: Chain 3, 2 DC, *Chain 2, DC 3 stitches, repeat at * 2 more times, slip stitch to finish round.

Round 2: Chain 3, turn work (optional) *2 DC, chain 2, 2 DC into corner.  DC in the next 3 stitches, Repeat at * all the way around.  Remember your chain 3 counts as a stitch so you only need 2 DC on the last side, slip stitch to finish round.

Round 3: Chain 3, turn work, DC in each stitch and 2 DC, chain 2, 2 DC into corners.  Slip stitch to finish round.

You now have your first cute little cube.
I am addicted to joining as you go.  I swear it cuts out a lot of time on projects.

I join each cube once in the corner, once in the center and again in the corner with a simple slip stitch.
Then back to finishing off the round.

 Ta Da!!  Now just repeat process till you have the size block desired.
Makes a super cute pillow, blanket, bag, or really anything!!

Here is the TUTORIAL for sewing the pillow sham together.

I would love to see you project!!  Email or tag it on Facebook.  Happy Hooking!


  1. I love your tutorial for the solid granny squares. I am going to use your tutorial to make a cushion and a tote. Thank you so much for sharing your talent. I can't wait to get started!! :)

  2. I really love your tutorial. It is so easy to follow and understand. I am going to make a cushion and a tote using your tutorial. Thank you for sharing your talent. :)