Tea and Treasures

I love pottery, ceramics, and really any little charming vintage treasure who need a new home.  This past weekend I came up on quite a few lovely pieces.  I have had the Shawnee dog before in blue, but LOVE the green version.  I am not quite sure who made the pink vase but it has all the characteristics that I like (swirls, lines, and mid- mini size) and it had to come home with me.  The I saw it, sitting alone on the next table, the deer.  He is so tall, so sweet and just perfect!  Again I am not sure of the maker but he is just lovely!

My Mother in Law is also a great finder, and today I am putting my new pincushion to work.  Isn't he darling!!  I am stuck on sewing right now.  Because of this I have not crocheted in a while, but the weather is cooling down and I have to get another batch of hats going, and get going again on my granny square jacket!!!  Time is a wasting.
So off I go with my Chai Tea and pincushion. 

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