I have to be honest.  I have been very distracted with bird watching.  So I broke out my field guide to birds book.  As far as I can tell we have two types of birds visiting .  The Chirping Sparrow and Rosefinch/House Finch.  And the word is out that we are feeding them!  Each day there are more and more visiting our feeder.  We are running out of food very quickly.  But not to worry I will be getting more soon.

My hands have been a little lazy, not much crochet happening this week.  There is plenty to work on and I have a nice stock of yarn but not the colors that I want for the project I have in mind.  Funny how that works.  I did make a couple planter nets to hang a couple of my Frank Moreno pots.  They both have the holes to hang them but I just couldn't bring myself string them up and hang it from them.  I can be very silly sometimes.  

We have had some nice sunny days this week and my son has been having fun in the sprinkler.  We also took out our bikes and went for a little family ride thought the neighborhood.  I am so excited for summer and all our little family adventures to come.

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