Circles to Squares

Just found a great video tutorial for the circles to granny square blanket I plan to make for myself.  Now if I could just decide my colors.  So far I am thinking of making it very similar to the inspiration blanket ( I still can't remember who's blog I saw that on), just not using the orange and purple.  Making it to match the throw pillows a little more.  

 I haven't has a ton of time to crochet, as you can see we are working on tooth #2.  But I did sneak in some time to get a few row in on the bobble blanket.  When all of he sudden I was out a yarn..... So now the bobble blanket is at a stand still again because I made the cardinal crochet sin.  I didn't buy enough charcoal skeins for the whole project. When I went to pick some more up they were all sold out!!!!   I will have to go again later this week to see if they are re stocked.  Is it just me that does that?

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