Whooo wouldn'd love a little Owl hat

 I love making these cute little owls!  They are so cute that I can't help but keep making more and more.  Each time I try a new color combo they just get better and better.  I made a few bears, monsters, giraffe and a few more creatures but the owls might be my favorite.  I am normally a small project crocheter.  I like to be able to start something and get it done right away.  I made a few afghans while I was pregnant with my little man but that was it for big projects.  Otherwise I get board and have a lot of UFO's laying around that I end up undoing or getting rid of.  This blog is an attempt to make that change.

I just started following The Creative Crochet Crew  on facebook and have fallen in love with it!  There is so much inspiration and great crochet blogs to follow.  I love this afghan it seems like it would be a great remnant yarn project.  And since I can't bring myself to throw out and scrap yarn balls this will be my next project for those odd balls of yarn I don't know what to do with.

These dresses are BEAUTIFUL!  I would love to make them both.  And the pineapple shawl, so pretty!  I will have to get some really nice yarn for that project.  I have never done a pineapple stitch.  It makes me a little nervous. But it is so pretty I have to try it.


My Hubby has made a request for a bobble blanket of his own.  One of the afghans I made for my baby was a bobble blanket, and my husband loved it .  He wants the bobbles to be different colors like the one above found on this cute blog.  Ahhh so many projects so little time.  Looks like my fingers will be busy.

Lets see what happens :)

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