Bright and Happy Bobble

I am really happy with the turn out of his blanket.  I am using a size 5.5mm hook and have gone through 2 1/2 balls of the charcoal yarn so far.  My husband is really tall so I might end up using anywhere from 10-12 skeins, but we will see. I originally got the pattern from here when I was making it the first time, but modified it a bit for both projects.  I am doing a bobble every 12 dbl stitches, on every 6th row and staggering every other row.  I stopped last night and weaved the ends for all the bobbles, I think I will weave as I go so it's not overwhelming when its all done.

I just put my little monster down for a nap and I am going to make him a couple new hats while he is asleep.  It's been cooling off the past few days with the wind picking up and he could use a little hat or two.  Even if we live in So Cal and cold really isn't all that cold.  He will still look cute with his new hats. 

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