Quilt Crazy

Is it really Wednesday already?

I have a couple crochet projects that have been totally sidelined by my current sewing obsession.  All started by my Mother, an amazing quilter, sending me pictures of her current projects. There are lot's of babies on their way into our family this year. 
One is mine :)
We have been hunting for the perfect pattern, and fabric.  Yesterday it all came together.  I am sure my Mom is relieved.  I was going a little crazy. haha  Love you Mom!

Anyway, after seeing her projects, I got right into my fabric stash.  I came across this.  My husband's Great Grandmother's unfinished treasure.  My Mother in law gave it to me a while back and it's been hiding.  I instantly knew just what I needed to be working on.  It's so sweet and pretty, and deserves to be completed.  Now that being said, it will be a challenge.  I have never sewn hexagons.  Even though I LOVE them in every way!! And looks like it will have to be done by hand.  Eeck!  Wish me luck and I will keep you posted. 

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