Weekend Distractions

I was trying to get organized, but I got distracted instead.  Isn't that how it always goes?

 I forgot how many little goodies I had stashed away!  It was fun to re-discover them, and put them to some use for someone else to enjoy.  I even wore a pair of the button hoops for a bit.  But my ears were so tender.  I have not had earrings in for YEARS  I pretty much had to re pierce them to get it in my ears!!  But it was worth it.  And I am now determined to start wearing earring again.

 After all that mess was cleaned up I added a border to my sons blanket.  I ended up just adding a simple blue border, and not adding any more rows of blocks at all.  He loves it, I love it!  It's a win win.  I can always add to it as he grows.  

I am starting my Monday making up a new batch of the flower headbands.  I love these little flowers!!  They are so sweet and happy!  I think it will be a good day.  Happy Monday~

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