Checking off my Wip list

 Remember my UFO list, well I finally checked three items off that list!!  Yay!
I found the motivation to clean out my closet and organize a bit this weekend.   These were all stacked up and driving me nuts.  It didn't take much time at all to finish them and I wonder why I kept putting it off in the first place.

Oh wait, I was putting them off because I was distracted with my HEXAGONS!!!  
Which might I add is also so close to being done I am just itching to put it on the bed.


And for being so motivated I treated myself to a new lovely little vase.
And then had to re-organize to make room her.  I was telling myself I wanted a green or yellow vase but this pink one just caught my eye and I had to have it.  There is no makers mark so I don't know what it is but I don't mind, it's still beautiful.  

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