What a weekend!  Like many others we watched the Superbowl game and snacked the day away.  With all that fun going on I was able to finish my husbands much awaited bobble blanket.  When I first started it I was planning on having it done for Christmas.  Oops! Just a little off schedule. Oh well it's done now.  He is happy the blanket is done and sad that football season is over.

I like to have a lot of yarn on hand.  I normally keep a nice stock so I can make whatever I have in mind without having to go to the store for each project.  But with Christmas and all my hat orders I used up all my yarn.  All I have left was a few small bits and pieces left.  So I went on yarn spree and stocked up.  My basket is now full again.  :)  But I could always use more. A girl can dream right.  Maybe Mr T wont mind if he shares his room with my yarn.


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